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Scientists must communicate. I mean that practically (our jobs hinge upon teaching, delivering conference talks and published papers), but I also mean that an imploring sense. The public is concerningly misinformed about many scientific issues. Solutions to problems like global climate change will require legislation, and therefore, too, an informed public. That’s why, to me at least, there’s tremendous value in a blog such as this. It is an opportunity to create a place for discourse and learning. And so, on that note, allow me to share my most recent foray into science communication…

Recently, I began working with the Groks Science Show, developing audio pieces to be broadcast on WKPH 88.5 FM Chicago (the pieces are also available online). The whole process is new to me—interviewing, editing, and producing—but I’m trying. My first show aired a few weeks ago. It covered the research of Ben Winger, graduate student of evolutionary biology here at the University of Chicago. He studies how new species form, and his work takes him to the cloud forests of Peru. I’ve posted a link to the episode below. For the readers who dare to be listeners, forgive me; the audio quality is hardly exquisite. Any and all feedback is warmly welcomed.

Discovering Bird Species — Groks Science Show 2013-11-20.


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